The purpose of the privacy policy of Highqualitylisting .com is to respect the privacy of its viewer’s and other users of this website. The privacy policy gives you the full confidence to visit the website without any ambiguity. It also signifies our fidelity to information practices and protection of privacy. Moreover, for the viewer’s information. This policy is only for this website and not for the other websites that you may be able to access from our site.

What information do we collect?

This site includes the contents related to fashion, travel, lifestyle, and gadgets.  We will request for viewer’s name and email when they want to sign in.  The viewer’s name and email are the only information that we will collect. Viewers can also give comments in the end of every article just to ensure the privacy we will not share the email address with other viewer’s, only the name will be displayed with the comments.

Does the site collect any additional information?

The answer is simple, no! No personal information is required. What we require is the “Traffic data” which also does not identify any of your information. This traffic data helps us for marketing purpose and to improve our services.


The web cookie is a small text file which contains a message given to a web server. This text file allows us to store a small piece of data like your username and password so that every time you don’t have to log in with the same information. We don’t use any data capture mechanism nor did we set any personally identifiable information in the cookies. The cookie also allows us to know which area needs improvement. However, if you disable this function you may not be able to experience some features on our website.

Use of Personal Information:

This site will not share your personal information with others. If we have to use the information with the third party we will first ask for your consent. We will only use your email to inform you regarding any changes in our website or for product advertisement.

Moreover, if your user name or password is lost or used without permission then you must inform us immediately. We will remove the username and password from your account and will update our database accordingly.

Do we have to disclose the information?

Yes, we can! If required by the law, we may use the viewer’s information in good faith and confirm the safety of our valuable viewer’s with proper legal process.

Update and Changes:

We reserve the right to change, to add, to update, or modify the privacy content without any intimation to our viewer’s. But, we may inform our registered users about the changes, but still, it will not be our obligation.

Contact Us:

Ask and Know! Feel free to ask about our privacy policy. Just drop a message via Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, Instagram , and Linkedin. You can also email us at if you want to remove your information from our database.